1st Trial Cup Of KOFA – Photo Album

offroadofaLAOL2241The first trial cup race was successfully organized by the KOFA club this Sunday in the well known stage of Anthoupoli on July 3.

The race marked the beginning of a new era for the championship, yet the end of the historic a track of Athoupoli a track which wrote its own history in the area of Cyprus motorsport.  Since according to our information the ownership of the land went into the hands of a developer with plans to build stores and bars and restaurants in the  ex track area.

In the race saw the 11 contestants offering impressive spectacle to the numerous spectators who attended the race. In an impressive track 2.5 km length as designed by the KOFA club for the specific race, with 80% being pure racing surface and 20% being obstacles both natural and technical .We saw a revive of a race which it was a legendary race of 4×4 about 15 years ago.

offroadofaMIKE8550In the race we saw Nicola Eustathiou and Kosta Charalabous with their powerful Nissan Patrol Turbo winning the race and the first place also in category S4, a breath behind him in second place overall and first in class S3 young Lambros Ioannides who drove the Jeep Cherokee of the limits being one of the most spectacular drivers in the race. The podium was completed by Michalis Michaelides and Stathis Eystathiou with a Toyota RAV 4, which although they failed to complete their second pass with time from the first passage managed to win and class S2.

In fourth place overall and second in class S3 we find the first Turkish Cypriot crew Niyazi Bedel and GuneyHassan with a Range Rover, on Fifth place overall and third in class S3 we find Adamos Demetriou and Antonis Antoniou with a Jeep Cherokee. In sixth place overall and first in class S1 the Kipros Araouzos with a Suzuki Vitara followed in 7th place overall and fourth in class S3  by Nikolaou Panagiotis and a Suzuki Vitara.

offroadofaLAOL24978th overall and second in class S2 we find Antonis Antoniou and Stelio Zacharia with a Suzuki Vitara followed by the first mixed Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot crew of Hallil Erdogus and Efstathios Efstathiou with a Jeep Cheerokee. Next we find in tethn overall Spyros Drousioti Marasino and Anthony with a Jeep Cherokee and in last place Kyriakos Ioannidis “Pepsi” and Antonis Antoniou with a Jeep Rangler.

The race though was spectacular from all sides and in terms of safety, design results only lacked coordination in the time since we were late 30 minutes to start the testing passage and much more between the first and second timed effort. Under these circumstances a large mass of viewers began to resent. We expect that in the next race this little problem will be solved in order to have a perfect organization.

In closing we would like to congratulate the winners of the race, the Club closed box for the excellent organization and renew our appointment for July 17 for Auto Sprint Paralimniou.

Final Results


Article: Michael Kontogiorgis

Photos: Michael KontogiorgisS & Mpics