Paralimni Auto Cross 2016 ‘ The Unstoppable “Chips Junior” ‘


Paralimni Auto Cross was organized by F.M.S.C. (Famagusta Motor Sport Club) on Sunday the 18th of July in the well known Stage of “Campos” in Paralimni, under the authority of the C.M.F Cyprus Motor-Sport Federation.

IMG_0607From the beginning of the race we knew who was the big favorite to win the race and that was Nikolas Georgiou “Chips Junior”.  A driver that won all the speed events (Auto Cross and Auto Sprint) for this year, showing to everybody that is very difficult to be beaten at least so far.



So in the race we saw “Chips Junior” winning the race, thought he never pushed to the limit and he only had one timed lap since he had a problem with the left side axles of his Evolution and a spin on his first timed lap.  In the second place overall we find another member of Antonis and Stavros Team, Elia Pieri “Pieri Junior”, the young talented driver who was very unlucky in the first timed lap since he rolled his car but lucky enough not to damage the car an to have the opportunity to race again in the second timed lap and win the second place overall.  The podium of the 3rd place was completed with Panikos Polykarpou, the young driver who raced for the first time this year in the speed championship since he follow the rally championship.  Panikos won the 3rd place, though he was unlucky in the first timed lap with a spin but manage to get on the 3rd step of the podium.


In 4th place overall and first in RC 2 category we find Mario Panayiotou a driver that thought he is not the youngest one, he drive with the hurt and the soul of a teenager.  Fith place overall, second in category RC2 and first driver from Paralimni Marios Aspri, one of the biggest local talent.  Marios had amazing passes but he really have to work on the strategy if he wants to move further in motor sport.  Sixth place overall and 3rd in RC 2 Ioannides Yiannos “Pepsi Junior”, another big talent in Cyprus Motor sport, the young driver we see that every race is getting better. IMG_0507

First in RC 6.1 and 7th overall Andreas Tappos “Tapponen” another great talent of Paralimni, whom we wish to see again and in other events besides Paralimni.  First in RCS 2 and 8th overall Kyriacos Ioannides “Pepsi” whose bean beaten by his son.  Second in RC 6.1 Demetris Pieri (senior) who race with the same car with his son.  Second in RCS 2  and 8th overall Michalis Iakovou (Michaloukias) a spectacular driver who had to drive a car with a broken Turbo. Third in RCS 2 Ypermachou Stavros and Karantonis Andreas the team that can do much better and though in this race they just manage 3rd in category.  First Cross Cart in 11th overall place Nikos Thoma followed by another Cross Cart in 12th place by Nikos Miltiadous.


First 2wd and first in RC 4 Demetris Parellis “Parellis Junior” after an amazing driving having to face problems with the suspension and a broken axle in his first timed lap.  First in RCS 1 Michalis Sofokleous, a driver that every time we watch him we enjoy his driving skills and he is one of the best in the category.  Second in the same category was the young driver from Limassol “Fani Junior” with a Suzuki Vitara and in the 3rd place in category Sokratid Papanastasiou.


The most unlucky team was Roman Starikovich and Zoli with the Land Rover Desert Warrior, with a roll in their first timed lap thankfully without any injuries.

With two events remaining for this year speed championship, and the next race on the 25th of September in Paphos to be critical since we may have a new champion because Nikolas Georgiou needs just 4 points to be and mathematically Champion.


Article: Mike Kondogiorgis


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